VFIS / Vacorp Insurance Claims Filing Process

Worker Compensation & Accident & Sickness Illness or Injury

1. All workers compensation injury claims are to call Company Nurse @ 888.770.0925 to report the injury to the triage nurse. Company nurse will direct you to the facility for treatment of the injury if the injured party has not already been transported which is expected for serious injuries / accidents. A Vacorp claims adjuster will follow up with the claimant.

2. After the claimant is treated, released or has the opportunity you must then call VFIS Client Services @ 800.233.1957 to activate the excess A&S policy 1st 28 day benefits. A client service representative will walk you through the questions for the A&S claim form submission. You will then be contacted by the claims department person assigned to your claim.

NOTE: Understand that when a claims rep contacts you, leaves a voice message or sends an email, you must respond back to them in a timely manner with the requested information, documentation etc. Failure to do so will only prolong and or delay your claim.

Property & Casualty Claims Procedure

1. Any incident, accident, lost or stolen property, auto collisions, or property / building damages CALL VFIS client services at 800.233.1957 to report. The answering client services rep will complete your forms as needed with the information you supply and submit the claim. Claims department will then contact the listed contact person for additional information as needed.

This is to be a simple pain free procedure for all departments and members to follow. Make the call and let our reps do the leg work for your needs; we are your Agent for all. Should anyone have any problems, issues or complaints regarding a specific incident or claim please contact me directly at
scain@vfis.com or call cell 717.472.3149.

We are here to serve all of your needs.