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The Association in the News...

  • Sandy in Culpeper - 'It could have been worse'
    The Culpeper Star Exponent
    Super Storm Sandy spared Culpeper County the full force of its power while still toppling trees, closing roads, schools and local government, cutting power in some neighborhoods, causing minor flooding and generally disrupting normal life even as the hustle bustle of the New York City metro area came to a dramatic halt prior to and in the wake of the hurricane...

  • Culpeper VFD Getting a New Fire Truck
    The Freelance Star- 1/16/2012
    Even in the worst of times there is money out there if one only knows where to look for it. While trying to fund a new $1 million ladder (platform) fire truck, the Culpeper County Volunteer Fire Department (Company 1) first looked to local government. The money wasn’t there. So, Company 1 started exploring other options and hired a Texas firm to search for federal grants... Culpeper Star Exponent

  • Fire & Rescue Levy
    I am writing to clarify the misconception that the 7 cents for Fire and Rescue that appears on the current tax bills represents a tax increase to our citizens...

June 21 Cartoon

Members & CCVFRA Companies in the News...

  • Fire in a Structure - 10/20/2012
    10-30-12Little Fork responded to a reported fully involved garage fire on Kings Road. Units arrived to find a fully involved structure with several large propane tank exposures and a pool enclosure on the other side. The garage was full of sawn wood and wood working equipment, a very deep seated fire in several areas. After an extensive overhaul the fire was extinguished. Twenty two LF members responded with Engine 9, Rescue Engine 9, Tanker 9, Rescue 9, Ambulance 9-1, Chief 9, and Utility 9. They were assisted by Amissville, Warrenton and Remington Fire Companies.

  • Structure Collapse - 10/29/2012
    10-29-12Photo Credit: Greg VanNostrand
    A tree fell onto a garage at 14342 Bunker Ridge Drive Monday night around 7 p.m. Culpeper County Volunteer Fire Department responded to a call of a damaged structure around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday morning as the impact of Hurricane Sandy in Culpeper became more apparent.

  • 10-29-12 Culpeper MVCMotor Vehicle Collision - 10/28/2012
    A single vehicle ran off the road just south of Little Ford VFR on Rixeyville Road. One of the two passengers was injured and had to be carried from the wreckage to the ambulance. Ambulance 9-1, Ambulance 9-2, Rescue Engine 9, Rescue 9 and Chief 9 responded to this incident.

  • 10-13-12Motor Vehicle Collision - 10/13/2012
    Jeffersonton Road and Springs Road. Engine Company 9 was dispatched for a minor fluid spill. Upon arrival we found a motorcycle vs. vehicle collision. No injuries, we controlled traffic until the arrival of the Virginia State Police.

  • Motor Vehicle Collision - 10/6/2012
    10-6-12One vehicle collsion on Rixeyville Road. This vehicle crossed over the center line, through the oncoming traffic lane and ended up down in this culvert. One person was transported to Fauquier Hospital. Ambulance 9-1 and Engine responded to this incident.

  • Injury - 9/29/2012
    Dispatched for an injury near Old Barn Road and Rixeyville Road. Most of the responders to this incident happened to be members of our Large Animal Rescue Team. Two riders had fallen off their horses. One rider had taken control of the horses and had secured one before our arrival. After evaluating both, our ambulance crews took care of treating the injured one (who had fallen on a steep trail and injured her knee). The patient was carried up the slope to the unit on a Reeves with six of our members. After the patient was loaded, the other crew took control of the other horse and moved it to the barn, removed the tack and then let it out to it's pasture per the directions given by the owners. It should be noted that both riders were wearing helmets!! Ambulance 9-1, Ambulance 9-2 and Chief 9 responded to this incident.

  • Motor Vehicle Collision - 9/21/2012
    9-21-12 Dispatched for an auto collision on Waterford Road. Units found this vehicle on its side after it struck a couple of trees. The occupants were located 1.5 hours later by the Sheriff's Office (further up the road) and transported to Fauquier. Ambulance 9-1, Engine 9 and Rescue 9 responded to this incident.

  • Motor Vehicle Collision - 9/19/2012
    9-19-12Vehicle into a tree on Rixeyville Rd at Bloomburg Court. The driver self extricated herself and was walking around the scene when we arrived. The driver refused EMS service and was taken into custody by the CSO. Ambulance 9-1, Ambulance 9-2, Engine 9, Rescue 9 and Chief 9 responded to this incident

  • Motor Vehicle Collision - 8/22/2012
    8-22-12Approx. 0100 hours. Dispatched for an auto collision on Myers Mill Road. Arrived to find a vehicle that was over 300 feet away from the road in a field. The vehicle had rolled several times after glancing off a tree. Prior to dispatch the operator had been found walking down the road covered in blood and was picked up by a paaerby and then driven home "somewhere" in Fauquier County. The person assisting this occupant then returned to the scene "in case there was anyone else that needed help" and was arrested for DUI by the Culpeper Sheriiff's Office. We never found the driver or anyone else near the wreckage. Ten of our members responded with Amb 9, Engine 9 and Rescue 9.

  • Fire in a Structure - 7/22/2012
    Little Fork and several other Companies responded to a report of a barn fire on North Cliff Farm. The fire originated and was confined to the hot water heater.

  • Fire in a Structure - 7/7/2012
    Warren Avenue. 100 degree day. Responding units included Rappahannock Sperryville (2 & 7), Amissville (3), Flint Hill (4), Castleton (5), & Chester Gap (9). Fauquier Warrenton (1), Culpeper Little Fork (9), and Warren Front Royal (12).

  • Candle Ignites Apartment Fire
    Star Exponent - 1/16/2012
    A candle left on a stove caused an early afternoon fire at Southridge Apartments Sunday.John Woodward, who lives in the Apartment C of the 600 block of the complex, said he was out to breakfast Sunday afternoon when he received a call from a friend who thought his apartment was on fire...



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