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Tornado Preparedness

Standard Operating Guidelines
Table of Contents

Incorporation Papers

A-08-01 SOG Format May 12th 2008
A-08-02 Workman’s Compensation May 12th 2008
C-08-01 Utility Company Requests August 12th 2007
C-08-02 Radio Designators  
C-08-03 Communications Matrix
     Notification Matrix
     Notification Matrix Attachment A
     Notification Matrix Attachment B
March 10th 2009
C-09-01 EA procedure April 13th 2009
C-09-02 Response Assignments
     Attachment A
September 14th 2009
C-09-03 Dispatching System September 14th 2009
C-09-04 FCC Rules and Regulations September 14th 2009
C-14-01 Inclement Weather August 11 2014
C-14-02 Signal 15 - Active Shooter Dispatch August 11 2014
O-08-01 PASS January 1st 2008
O-09-01 Emergency Driving Operations July 19th 2009
O-09-02 Mayday & Self-survival September 14th 2009
O-09-03 RIT September 14th 2009
O-09-06 Treat and Release Protocols July 19th 2009
O-11-01 Initial Structure Fire Assignments December 12th, 2011
O-13-01  Emergency Incident Rehabilitation November 13, 2013
T-08-01 Training Coordinator May 12th 2008
T-08-05 BLS Skills Drills
    Attachment A - Daily Sign In
     Attachment B - Individual Skills
     Attachment C - Skills Evaluation
     Attachment E - Skill Selection
     Attachment F - Yearly Roll Up
May 18th 2009
T-09-01 Inclement Weather for Classes September 14th 2009
T-09-02 Training Guidelines Extreme Conditions September 14th 2009
T-09-03 BLS Preceptor Requirements
     Attachment A
     Attachment B
     Attachment C
     Attachment D
March 8th 2010


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